Virtual Communication Coaching

Comfort, confidence and connection in a brave new world.

The challenge…

This is a scary, unprecedented time. Your team may be feeling all sorts of things – uneasy, disconnected, fearful, unmotivated or nervous about their ability to be effective in a wholly unfamiliar world.

You know they’re capable. They just need a little TLC.

That’s where we come in…

We’re here to ease the transition into a “new normal.” Our individual HIIT sessions will give your team the personalised love and attention they need in this unfamiliar world, seeing results in break-neck speed. There’s no time to waste. We’ll equip them to thrive through the current crisis to a better, more resilient tomorrow.

5 Key Themes

  • Bespoke Vocal Coaching – Alongside our online “Vocal Conditioning Course” we’ll equip you to speak with confidence, clarity and enthusiasm over this new medium
  • Virtual Presentation Skills – Clarity, simplicity, variety and messaging that inspires – even more vital in the virtual world where the distractions and sense of disconnect are greater
  • Personalised Development Plans – Our “Feed-Forward” reports will provide individual notes for development, motivation, and additional support material
  • Connection and Purpose – Our group sessions will keep the group connected to each other and your “North Star” as a business. The reason to get out (and stay out!) of bed is even more prevalent in the home-working environment.
  • Group Workouts – There’s no substitute for practice and roleplay in a safe, learning environment. We facilitate this space encouraging peer-to-peer coaching under our expert guidance.


Get ahead of the game and future-proof your team to be confident and decisive in an increasingly virtual workplace.

Let’s talk.

How it works (basics)


We meet (virtually of course!), you share, we listen. We hone in on the specifics of your problem and the needs of your team. We get clarity over numbers, time-frame, targets etc.


We put together a unique plan of action/programme to deliver on your targets including individual coaching and group session (6 people, ideal)


Write each individual a detailed “Feed-Forward” report with key take-aways and notes for independent development. We consult to make suggestions on how to best keep the team connected through the current crisis and beyond.

For example (specifics for 6 people)

  • Limber-up

We won’t let you go in, cold. We’ll hold short,  introductory calls with each individual where we get to know each other and understand specific needs so that we really hit the ground running come kick-off.

  • Kick-Off Session

We run a 90 minute group kick-off session where we share the objectives, get buy-in, re-connect the group with the”North Star” and set preparatory homework for the programme.

  • Individual HIIT Sessions

Each individual receives 2X60 minute HIIT sessions with us, focusing on their specific needs. After each session we write their detailed “Feed-Forward” reports

  • Virtual Circuit Training

We bring the team back together to put their new skills and confidence to the test giving each individual the chance to present or lead a discussion with group feedback.