Meet the team

Chris Wickenden

I’m a great believer that everyone has the potential to feel and be incredibly expressive, engaging, confident, and inspiring every day, at home and at work. I also believe in the ability to experience all of these things whilst being unapologetically yourself. In fact we insist on it. 

I graduated with an MA in acting from Drama Centre in 2011 and worked for a number of years as a professional actor. Prior to that, I gained a first in Modern History at Oxford. I quickly realised, as an actor, that the skills I had acquired, and emotional intelligence that I had developed were not only transferable but so important across industries and professions. Business cries out for great communication and so often it falls short. I enjoy the challenge of creating, developing and delivering  programmes that harness my physical and vocal training as an actor and make it resonate with constantly changing audiences- our clients. I have a great passion for better understanding human behaviour, combining social sciences with vocal and physical training to help achieve lasting, practical change in the way that people and teams communicate. Ultimately, we want everyone to fulfil their huge potential and be the very best that they can be.

I also lend my voice and motivational skills to the Arsenal each weekend and currently Thursday nights too. I’ve had a season ticket for as long as I can remember- further proof of my capacity for dedication and commitment over the long haul.

Jonny de Mallet Morgan

I love helping people connect to and celebrate their potential.

Previously to The Speakers’ Gym™ , I was an actor for over 10 years, working all over the world. Any actor worth their salt really isn’t interested in showing off but rather, how and why people connect and communicate. They become highly skilled at actively listening to the unspoken word and develop a high level of emotional intelligence. And as I came to the end of this part of my career I realised how useful these skills would be in life and within business.

Setting up The Speakers’ Gym™ was a very natural stepping stone into business for me. Over the last few years we have helped individuals, teams and businesses connect with their chosen audience in an exciting and authentic way. Our soul focus being to discover and celebrate what makes you great. Everything we do is backed up with a belief that everyone has the right to feel brilliant, every day, at work – supported, nurtured, challenged, comfortable and inspired.

I get a kick from working with people who are motivated to work hard and excited by the future. The work we do will challenge and may push you, but will give you incredible results, if you let it.