Kind words from our Clients

Monex Europe

“The Speakers’ Gym is like the iPhone. You don’t realise you need it until you have it, and then you can’t live without it.” 

– Magda Gonzalez, Group CFO

Seven Investment Management

The Speakers’ Gym was a great investment of my time as it really helped move me away from talking at the audience to truly engaging with them. I’ve now become a relaxed speaker who really communicates with everyone in the room rather than a presenter of facts. The Speakers’ Gym uses methodology which is very focused on the engagement and communication side of presenting which I found hugely helpful and easy to put into practice.” 

– Verona Smith – Women Of The Year 2018, Head of Platform

I’ve really enjoyed working with these guys and have welcomed their refreshing approach. Chris and Jonny have made me focus differently upon what’s really important if you’re going to successfully engage with an audience. The work that they’ve done with me on how to prepare myself physically and mentally before going on stage has been a great help. Bizarrely, their techniques also seem to have improved my golf!” 

– Tim Coverdale, Head of Business Development, North England and Scotland

We worked with Chris and Jonny from The Speakers’ Gym to help prepare a group of us for our 15 National Roadshows to over 1,200 Financial Advisers. The 7IM Roadshow Masterclass as they entitled it, was excellent and started with a series of one-to one sessions where we worked on individual presentational style and format, before joining up for a couple group sessions where the three of us presenting came together to finalise the ‘script’ and style.

The coaching was first-rate and personable, covering everything from innovative warm-up exercises, to establishing how to ‘get, hold and change’ the audience including identifying the key ‘firework’ moments. The Masterclass Feed-Forward presented after each session was extremely useful and to the point. Having just done the first two roadshows, I can safely say that these sessions were a massive help and I now feel a lot more confident presenting in front of a big group than I had don before.” 

– George Winters, Head of Intermediary Relationship Management

Highly recommend these guys – a very refreshing approach with frank and incisive feedback that really makes a difference.

– Chris Justham, Relationship Manager  

Nucleus Financial

Chris and Jonny took the time to first understand our brief and delivered the sessions incorporating our culture and brand. The sessions were thought provoking and their techniques, although occasionally stretching some participants out of their comfort zone, were very well received. Chris and Jonny’s contagious energy encouraged full participation from all involved.

– Mairi Cameron, Learning Manager

Thoughts from the participants:

I really enjoyed the day. It was very interactive. The course was delivered at a good pace and kept everyone engaged at all times. It was interesting, informative and fun too!

Both Jonny and Chris were great-really enthusiastic and passionate about what they do. They also made me feel very comfortable during the session.

The role-plays were really useful-doing them in a way which really engaged the entire group throughout made them particularly effective.

I enjoyed the variety of the day. Also, very interactive, which I don’t normally enjoy but I did today.

Both Chris and Jonny have a great energy. It is quite contagious, which brings you out and encourages you to get involved.


I was recommended by a friend who works in the same sector to contact The Speakers’ Gym to help me with my presentation delivery skills and I have not been disappointed with the results. Chris and Jonny work with you to provide bespoke training for your goals and needs. They are highly professional and make you feel at ease from the first minute the first session begins. I would highly recommend them to those who have a role which involves public speaking!” 

– Julia Peake, Technical Development Manager

Station 10

The session was fantastic. It was lively, interesting and interactive. Chris and Jonny kept everyone engaged and we could actually see the improvement in presenting skills over the course of the day. We’ll definitely be running further training with The Speakers’ Gym.

– Mikhaila Ellis, Marketing and HR Manager

St. James’s Place Wealth Management

Really delighted with your support and interactive sessions which were incredibly well received.  

– Eddie Grant, Director, Technical Connection Division

The training you provided was second to none and miles better than any other presentation training I have ever received. (The next time that I presented) I felt extremely comfortable and had no issues with the nerves I had struggled with. The audience were very engaged and I could notice the difference in how they received the information- by far the best presentation I have done!”  

– Liam Cubbage, Technical Adviser

I felt an immediate improvement in relation to my tone, body language and confidence- just wish I had a presentation to give sooner.” 

– Lewis Prosser, Head of Professional Development

I found The Speakers’ Gym™ extremely useful. It has reinforced a lot of my thoughts, offered perceptive personal feedback and provided me with additional ideas/practices to make my future presentations more effective.

– Chris Bradbeer, Chartered Financial Planner

Great stuff! Different (in a good way!) to any training that I have received before- Looking forward to the follow up.  

– Matthew Sumner, Technical Support

My main objective in attending The Speakers’ Gym was to generally increase my confidence when presenting. However, my aspirations were to be become one of those people who can inject a bit of personality into a presentation, flex the material to respond to the audience on the day and actually know whether the presentation had been a success.

I found the sessions to be a revelation, and I wish I had known some of the techniques sooner. It has completely changed my mindset and focused me in on the needs of the audience. With that, the ability to achieve those aspirations has come more naturally. There is always room for improvement, and I will definitely be revisiting The Speakers’ Gym for a refresher from time to time.

Kelly Devlin, Regional Technical Connection Manager

Agile Human

What a transformation! The Speakers Gym™ approach has truly changed how we feel about presenting… it’s hard to put into words.  

– Ian Hitt, Founder, Director

Vertus Capital

I found the Speaker’s Gym to be extremely valuable in preparing for a series of public speaking events. Jonny and Chris’ s approach to public speaker training is not cookie cutter. The training gave me the skills and confidence to be my normal self whilst speaking and facilitating. They took the anxiety out of public speaking and gave me practical tools to prepare for and manage public engagements. They also helped me to engage more meaningfully with my clients, for which I am thankful. Highly recommend them and The Speakers Gym!  

– Matthew Marais, Director

Technical Connection

I found the training extremely useful for a recent, high profile presentation that I delivered. The use of pitch, tone and tempo to ensure the key messages were understood. In addition, a consideration of the audience and how my presentation would make them feel really helped. Overall, the course provided me with a confidence boost and the scores received were higher than the event organiser had seen for a number of years. If there were any follow up sessions, I’d be very keen to attend.  

– Simon Martin, Technical Support

Start up adviser and brand & creative consultant

The benefit of The Speakers’ Gym goes beyond the podium or stage. I use the techniques everyday and I’m sure I get more from all my colleagues, clients and even friends – Thanks guys!  

– Tom Newton


It was completely practical and the open-forum feedback was so valuable. You created a safe environment for everyone to learn. Thankyou!”  

– Nicola Koronka, Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Thoughts from the participants:

The individual feedback and vocal exercises were so helpful. Really fun with a great light-hearted approach to exercises that can be cliched.

Loved it- it was so useful and gave me so much to work on right away.


Transact first engaged with The Speaker Gym late in 2018 where Chris & Jonny made a concerted effort to get under the skin of our business and understand how they could best help us hone our presentational and empathetic skills. The resulting sessions were hugely helpful giving my team plenty of opportunity to practice and also benefit from a great deal of feedback, not just from Chris & Jonny but by including the rest of the Transact team in the feedback and group learning too. I would highly recommend The Speakers Gym™

Glen Sweet, Head of Sales

Thoughts from the participants:

This is the first time, after doing this type of thing, that I’ve genuinely felt like I want to change my tact and approach and been able to look objectively and critically at myself.

Chrissie Kilgallon, Adviser Support Manager

Excellent knowledge of their craft, delivery and ability to maintain attention and interest from the audience. Thankyou.

Darren Douglas, Business Development Manager

Interesting, engaging and personable. You got us involved without us realising it and created an environment open to interaction. Thankyou. Claire McEwan, Adviser Support Manager

The sessions were thought provoking and great fun, led by two fantastic and enthusiastic facilitators.

Brian Eve, Regional Adviser Support Manager

Watching the role-plays created real situations that were completely relevant and we were all involved.


 I usually feel very uncomfortable during role-plays and shy away from them but the way you ran the session made me feel very at ease.

Sophie Barker, Head of Operations

It’s easy to speak theoretically, but being put on the spot with the role-play made it “real.” I could pick up on my own shortfalls more clearly that way, as well as noting where the conversation went well.

Rob Cowling, Regional Operations Manager

The Parent-Adult-Child mindset was very relevant to the scenarios we face at Transact. I also like that the role-play got everyone involved- everyone gets different calls so it’s good to see how others would handle them.


Really enjoyable and very useful/relatable content.

Nick Payne, Regional Client Operations Manager

Both Jonny and Chris were passionate and creative. They worked well together and made it very “real life.”

Kris Tungatt, Regional Operations Manager

I enjoyed collaborating with my peers in a session that will add value to us all. The parent-adult-child section was most meaningful, for me and made me think. The acting was great.

Andrew Brinkman, Regional Operations Manager

Thought provoking areas bringing real scenarios to life to aid in questioning how you think, feel and react when under certain stresses.

Amanda Chantry, Regional Operations Manager

The opportunity to stop and start role-plays allowed us to cement the ideas.Anonymous

The Masterclass reinforced the importance of taking time to think about the other person- how and why they think and act in certain ways. I’ll remind myself, when dealing with clients and staff, on the telephone or face to face, to utilise some of the key points each time so that they become habitual.

Beverly Smith. Regional Operations Manager

The in the moment feedback from peers was so valuable and the facilitators were very active and engaging.


I enjoyed the conversational set up/approach and willingness to momentarily go off topic for interesting examples.

Justin Penny, Regional Operations Manager