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Staying Connected through the Corona Crisis and beyond.

Humans are social animals. From birth, we’re hard-wired for connection and community. Coronavirus and social recession. The current climate places this essential need under huge threat. With the public demands for social distancing and remote working to cope with the threat to our health posed by the Coronavirus, the accompanying sense of isolation and disconnectedness […]

Conflict and Ego: The monster inside us all

Conflict. Very few people relish it.  It’s one of the most common areas that we get asked to consult on with clients. We use lots of helpful behavioural theory, practical techniques and role-play various scenarios. However, nothing can quite replicate the real life challenge of a conflict with a particularly stubborn individual, whether a colleague […]

Business Relationships: More partnership and collaboration, less transaction and contract

Collaborating for the Common good: All the most positive business relationships are collaborative. They’re characterised by high levels of co-operation and high levels of assertiveness on both sides. Rather than seeing the relationship as transactional, it’s a partnership. Both businesses are working together with high levels of trust on a mutually beneficial outcome. These relationships […]