Bespoke Masterclasses: Dramatically Improving your Communication

Using Drama

Drama is a powerful learning strategy. Like any great film or play, the more it reflects reality, the more effective it is in communicating its message. That’s why our programmes are built based on extensive research and a deep understanding of what matters to your business and your teams. We respect your company and the team that we’re working with by making it utterly bespoke to your world- reflecting and presenting real life situations that truly resonate.

How does it work?

After several in-depth conversations with the people in the business that our clients direct us to, we write scripts that investigate and deal with the issues and challenges to be addressed in the programme. For example:

  • How to inspire and support your team
  • How to lead with emotional intelligence
  • Having a challenging conversation with your boss
  • Delivering some difficult feedback to a colleague
  • Experiencing some patronising or otherwise challenging behaviour from a senior staff member
  • Dealing with a difficult client.

The characters in the script demonstrate very clear behaviours that the programme attendees will recognise from their day-to-day lives in a very familiar context.

Then What?

Once the scene has been played out, by The Speakers’ Gym™ team of professionally trained actors, we encourage participants to discuss the behaviours that they have seen and how they might do things differently. They have the opportunity to “hot-seat” the characters, putting them on the spot, asking questions, getting an insight into their mindset and challenging them.

One character, as the “anchor”, then addresses the attendees directly and seeks their advice on how to approach the situation differently and more effectively. They ask for advice on words/tone/body language etc. We then replay the scene incorporating the suggestions and directions given by the attendees. We also introduce, where appropriate, helpful behavioural theory to aid the consideration of how outcomes could be improved.

Benefits of The Speakers’ Gym Drama:

  • The Speakers’ Gym Drama holds the mirror up to the delegates on their behaviour. They see them acted out realistically and they recognise the impact that they have, rather than just talking about them.
  • It gets people involved far more than mere discussion does. We’ve never experienced a group where it hasn’t sparked lively debate.
  • By getting the research right, we ensure that the drama is firmly rooted in the context of their world. They’re watching something which is utterly bespoke and completely relevant. This ensures their buy-in.
  • It’s entertaining. People enjoy it and open up to the process.
  • Unlike role-play, it doesn’t require anyone to act, so people feel comfortable and safe.
  • It allows us to deliver effectively to much larger groups, whilst keeping everyone engaged.