Public Speaking: 3 Simple tips to truly connect.

If you haven’t had a chance, check out our previous piece on “Preparing to Truly Connect“ before reading these tips. There’s incredibly helpful science behind it all! So, here go’s! 1. Relax, don’t psyche up: In advance, tweak your preparation. Rather than neurotically running your script over and over and pacing back and forth, take […]

Public Speaking: How do you prepare to truly connect?

Public Speaking. It’s just a conversation. Even if all of the words go one way, you’re still just talking to your audience. It’s inclusive, even collaborative. It’s not fully pre-determined, even if all of the words are. Tony Robbins outlines 6 key human needs: Certainty; Variety; Significance; Connection; Growth; and Contribution. Ponder these. An audience […]

Vocal Coaching: We’ll make it sing for you.

I love vocal coaching. However, vocal coaching in certain professions has been a challenge! Everyone wants their voice to sound great. Everyone wants to make an impact. People are very sure that they want voices that are relaxed, confident, authoritative, trustworthy, engaging etc etc etc…insert more positive adjectives. “I want to use pitch and tone […]

Networking: “How can I help you?” not “How can I win business?”

Networking. It causes a fair bit of anxiety for a fair few people. Stupid, self-conscious, nervous, desperate, demeaning, shallow, clammy hands, dry mouth, forced, embarrassing. These are just some of the ways that either networking events themselves or the feelings that they drum up have been described to us in the past month. If you’ve […]