Networking: 5 Essential Tips

Is there anyone in this social situation that I can be helpful to?

Russell Brand

This is an excellent mindset to take into any networking situation.

Think more about what you can give or contribute than what you can take or gain.

This selfless mindset will ensure that your business needs will take care of themselves whilst you don’t feel flustered, stressed, silly, desperate, nervous or fake.

5 Essentials:

1. Back yourself:

Have faith in what you and your business has to offer.

2. Research the crowd:

Build up as much of an understanding of the world of those attending the event. This context is valuable in positioning how you might help.

3. Embody the mindset: “How can I help?”

Take the pressure off of winning business and go in with a sincere desire to help people.

4. They’re not the enemy:

People aren’t waiting with bated breath for you to fail. They want you to have something of value to offer them. Wouldn’t you?

5. Think Win-Win:

If working together doesn’t benefit both of you, then walk away. This strong ethical stance is empowering. You’re not ramming business down their throat. You’re exploring the potential for a mutually beneficial relationship.

I’ve analysed my social anxiety and I realised at the root of it was my unaddressed sense that there was something for me to gain.

Russell Brand

Even if there is- let it go. Take the pressure off and focus on what you can give. How can you be of most service to the people at that event?

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