“Everybody has the right to feel brilliant, every day at work – happy, confident, challenged, supported and inspired.”

At The Speakers’ Gym we create and deliver bespoke, highly practical Communication, Public Speaking and Presentation Skills programmes – using individual Coaching and Group Masterclasses. Questions we help answer are: how do you connect, how do you build trust, and how do you inspire your clients and your colleagues to form strong and profitable relationships?

We don’t focus on the symptoms such as what to do with your hands, how to stand, or even how to sound. We explore how to build trust, truly connect with and inspire people – all of that, whilst being you at your best.

Equip your team to thrive through the corona crisis with our Virtual Communication Programmes

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What our clients say…

“The Speakers’ Gym is like the iPhone. You don’t realise you need it until you have it and then you can’t live without it.”

– Magda Gonzalez – Group CFO – MonexEurope

Transact first engaged with The Speakers’ Gym late in 2018 where Chris & Jonny made a concerted effort to get under the skin of our business and understand how they could best help us hone our presentational and empathetic skills. The resulting sessions were hugely helpful giving my team plenty of opportunity to practice and also benefit from a great deal of feedback, not just from Chris & Jonny but by including the rest of the Transact team in the feedback and group learning too. I would highly recommend The Speakers Gym™”
– Glen Sweet, Head of Sales, Transact

“Chris and Jonny took the time to first understand our brief and delivered the sessions incorporating our culture and brand. The sessions were thought provoking and their techniques, although occasionally stretching some participants out of their comfort zone, were very well received. Chris and Jonny’s contagious energy encouraged full participation from all involved.”
– Mairi Cameron, Learning Manager, Nucleus

What a transformation! The Speakers Gym™ approach has truly changed how we feel about presenting… it’s hard to put into words.  
– Ian Hitt, Founder, Director, Agile Human

The Speakers’ Gym was a great investment of my time as it really helped move me away from talking at the audience to truly engaging with them. They uses methodology which is very focused on the engagement and communication side of presenting which I found hugely helpful and easy to put into practice.” 
Verona Smith, Women Of The Year 2018, Head of Intermediary, 7 Investment Management